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And it's no, nay, never.

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I'll never shut down my site.

Somebody on the gardenweb forum couldn't access my site, panicked and asked where it had disappeared to. They said "I hope it's not gone so someone can make a book instead."

Rest assured, I'll never shut down my site so someone can make a book instead.

There's only one way this site will disappear from the web, and that is after I've died, if nobody donates anything at all to keep the hosting bills paid.

(...currently, I'm 1) paid up through September 2006, and 2) in excellent health, thanks for asking.)
(I'm also keeping a low profile on that donation thing - it's pretty much there in case I pop my clogs unexpectedly.)

(if dreamhost disappears I'll have to find another quality web host. Here's hoping they'll stay around for a long time yet.)

(of course, if the web itself disappears we might face different problems.)