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Artsy pics

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Artsy pics: your guess is as good as the next person's.

A friend presented his thesis (in physics) on Saturday morning (congrats Matti!) and here's two pics from the ensuing evening.

The floor is open: what are these pics? I'll give just one hint: they aren't connected with the thesis; that was all about genetical algorithms as used in building relatively cheap and reasonably accurate magnet pulsators. If I understood things correctly, which is not guaranteed.

Here they are:
Artsy pic 1.Pic: Artsy pic 1.

Artsy pic 2.Pic: Artsy pic 2.

I think they're very pretty. I'd forgotten my camera home (it was really too big for the evening, anyway), so these are by a friend (thanks Mikko!).


Interesting patterns - They look like light refracted through a cut glass goblet (wine glass) and traced onto a napkin...:)

Am I close?...:)

Lee has my Official Physicist's Seal of Approval for his guess.

It wasn't supposed to be that simple.

It's the traced refractions of two separate glasses of water onto a papery tablecloth. The overhead light was a 5-lamp thingy - pretty result, no?

VERY pretty and certainly reminiscent of patterns in nature!

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