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My candy has arrived.

In 1998 or so I visited friends in Oregon, and found lovely candy in one or the other local shop. So I bought a kg or two, and brought some of it home with me. We don't get these over here, at all, perhaps because lego objects.

Pic: Lovely candy to play with.
That's 6+ years ago now, and all the kids who got candy last time have forgotten all about it. So I wanted more. Unfortunately, the online candy selling outfits don't sell to Finland (those that actually have a country option (not many do) require me to select something silly like OR, AZ or CA anyway - stupid programmers, go live in AZ, Finland, Europe why dontcha?), so I asked a pal to help out - and he did.

The candy arrived this week. Is it not nifty? I bought 11 lbs (5 kgs) of it. Wheeee! Candy play time!

They're rock hard, taste just like you expect rock hard sugary candy to taste (that is, nothing really to write home about), the little nubbins fall off after you've played for a while so you can't reuse them all that often, and they're just way cool.

And this is what all the kids (and some adults) I know will get for xmas this year.

Here's one place where you can buy'em. If you're in rightpondia, that is: candy blox


You know, I should get some of that, if only to build a tea set out of it.

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