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Gothenburg bot.g.

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Sweden report, part 2: June 3, 2005.

On Friday I went to the botanical garden in Gothenburg.

Like, wow.

First, the drive from Lysekil was gorgeous, calm and sunny. I didn't drive via Uddevalla this time, because I chose the first sign that said "E6 Gothenburg". That landed me in the countryside, and I drove over a lot of fjords between Lysekil and Gothenburg. The views from those enormously tall bridges were simply stunning. No pics, cos I noticed all the "panorama stop" places far too late. Of course, part of that "no stopping" was that every bridge, every panorama, every view was prettier than the previous one, so I just kept going. Until they stopped, and I was on the E6 again.

Really, if you have the chance and the time to cruise through southern Sweden, include that bit. It's extraordinary.

I arrived 12ish at the Gothenburg botanical garden.

It was cloudy at first, raining intermittently, and by the time I left (1630 or so) it was pouring down. However, I'd been around all the interesting bits (silly me, to think that, in the botanical garden of Gothenburg), so I was quite happy to say "right, that's enough for one day". Especially as all three of my 512 MB camera cards were full. Or at least, almost full.

Before I left somebody was betting that it'd be impossible to take 450 photos in one day. Not so, if you're in a large botanical garden ...

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