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Happy Holidays all!

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Have a nice few days opening presents, and remember, caraway seed really helps with the overeating!

This is the view from my door. Yep, it's a winter wonder land!
Wintery landscape.Pic: Wintery landscape.


Winter wondedland, huh?
Well, I spent a lifetime in Rhode Island (about 50Km. south of Boston) digging my way out of various unpleasant winter weather situations - the all time classic was the great blizzard of 1978 in which my huge chrysler New Yorker was completely buried by a snow drift and it took me 3 days (yes days!) to dig it out while some Italian gents at a nearby bar kept shouting out numbers in Italian. On the 3d day it finally occured to me that they were betting on when I would finally get the car dug out. Meanwhile,
I had mysterious bouts of weakness, as did my mother and aunt. The idiot doctors of the 60's convinced my mother that she had a non-serious form of diabetes and treated her for that for the rest of her life. My weight dropped and the weakness spells gradually got worse. Not long after my mother passed away in 1993, I started passing out from low blood pressure. Luckily, the new doctor that I found soon discovered the real problem - congenital hypothyroidism and my later research confirmed that my aunts and uncles (including the one institutionalized for depression) all had it. The light began to dawn as to why, years earlier in high school, I would get winded after 3 laps around the track (the fat kids could only do 1 lap but the atheltic kids could easily do 10). Winter was always the worst for us because that is when our mysterious illness was at its worst and we had trouble keeping warm unless we turned the heat up so high that it was a steambath inside. As oil prices increased, this proved uneconomical too. Mostly we stayed in bed, sometimes accross an entire weekend, never having a clue that we all shared the same problem. But, yes, there were beautiful winters - a couple of times there were ice crystals in the air and the sunlight would bounce of them creating a magical effect. The crystalline beauty of it, the stillness, the sound of the wind moving the icicles comming down from the fir tress - yes, it was beautiful although small recompense for the privations. Or am I simply older and crabbier? Who knows.

I enjoy reading your articles and have great admiration for your philosophy on nutrition. However I was most disappointed to see your greeting on Christmas Eve say Happy Holiday. Please note that Christmas is not about holidays. Its the celebration of the birth of Christ. There is no doubt about the reason for Christmas. Please don't demean and promote a false christmas meaning. People who do this really annoy me.

Please leave your religion out of my blog. Thank you for your consideration.

I have a similar view from my kitchen porch in upstate New York USA...:) The temp is -4 F right now with about an inch of snow.

Only 3 more months till I can start putting the new years crop of Calendula in their beds....:)

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