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Henriettesherbal on CD

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This site is now available in an off-line version.

The new version is available here.

It's up to date through November 24, 2005 January 12, 2006 May 05, 2006 December 20, 2006 the old setup is no longer available - read about the new version here, and the CD costs 10 $ (US) 20 $ (US), or 8 € 16 € (if paid by bank transfer, in EUR, in the EU).

That means there's no excuse to circumvent my spider blocks. See, I'm developing an allergy to rude bots and spiders, seeing that I had to move the site because of them.

So shoo, rude bots and spiders.

And buy the CD, there's a good chap / lady. Email me for details. Thanks!


You can pay me in USD (check within the US, or cash) or in EUR (bank transfer within the EU in €, or cash).
No, I don't do paypal.
No, I don't take credit cards.
Dreamhost does, though: try the donate button and pay USD 10 USD 20 using paypal or a credit card. This is for those who cannot easily send a check within the US, and for those who cannot do bank transfers within the EU. See, Dreamhost's hosting isn't very expensive, and funds transferred to dreamhost only go towards my hosting bill. I can foresee that being paid through 2013 or so, if everybody uses that option ... and I can use those $s in the US, and the €s over here.


The new version is available here.