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More spring pics.

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There's flowers everywhere -- if you know where to look ...

Here's a pheasant and his lady, in our garden yesterday:
Pic: Two pheasants.
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[image:17000 hspace=1]A willow twig (Salix sp.) in full flower, yesterday.

[image:16832 hspace=1]A flowering liverwort (Hepatica nobilis) from last Thursday - the first of the year.

[image:17079 hspace=1]Another flowering tussilago, also from last Thursday.
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[image:17031 hspace=1]A flowering Siberian scilla (Scilla sibirica), last Thursday.

[image:16725 hspace=1]A flowering hazelnut twig (Corylus avellana), last Thursday: Male and female hazel flowers.

And I saw the very first flowering wood anemones (Anemone nemorosa) yesterday. Yay!

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