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Rental car

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So I hired a car, while over in Sweden/Copenhagen.

The first one, a compact Daewoo Matiz, broke down less than 100 km from where I got it.

They brought me another one. It was identical, except that this one was turquoise (not royal blue), and it had a Chevy logo up front instead of the Daewoo logo.

And while I know that it's all about cadillacs and not chevrolets, I couldn't stop humming "well my baby drove up in a brand new brand new chevrolet".

88 km on the meter.Pic: 88 km on the meter. The Chevy had only 43 km on the meter when I got it. I didn't think of taking a pic of it at that time, so there's only a pic of the meter at 88 km, but still, that's pretty good, too.

The car wasn't quite so brand new when I returned it; on Thursday morning it had a bit more than 1400 km on the meter.

Note, Avis debited me for the gasoline which was missing from the first car when I returned it. Bloody cheek. I had to wait for an hour for them to bring me the new car, and that one was missing gasoline, too: 43 km worth of it. Other than that, I find Avis to be a better rental company than Hertz.

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