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Slide scanners

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Slide scanners and scanning slides.

Way back when, in 1995 or so, I picked my 100 best slides and sent them off to Kodak to be made into a kodak photo CD. The results were good enough, so I repeated the feat with another few hundred photos. That got expensive very fast - it cost about 600 FIM (100 $) per CD.

So I considered my options. And bought a slide scanner (Polaroid Sprintscan 35LE, 1200 dpi) for about 6000 FIM (about 1000 $) in 1996 or so. These were the early days of internet photography: there were perhaps three sites with plant pics on the net back then, and one of them was mine.

A few years later I got a Nikon LS-1000 scanner (2700 dpi). It's a nice little machine. I switched to linux 2-3 years ago and noted that there was no native linux support for the LS-1000 - so I bought Vuescan, which is a very nice program. It let me scan with the LS-1000 under linux, too. It also gave me far more freedom in color corrections than most any programs I had seen and/or used under windows. Better pics, in other words.

A few months back I got a Nikon Coolscan III (LS-30, 2700 dpi). I had problems with that scanner when first trying it - it scanned 3 pics and gave up its ghost - but yesterday I scanned about 100 pics with no trouble.
Except that it's about 2.5 times as slow as the LS-1000. So why would I use it then? Because it has infrared dust removal (= better pics).

But 2.5 hours for one film (37 pics) is a bit too much, and Nikon just confirmed that they have no slide feeder for the LS-30, so I'm looking into other Nikon scanners.
I fancy a LS-2000, which is similar to the LS-30 but can take a slide feeder. 50 pics overnight for 100 nights and everything is rescanned - what a thought! Unfortunately, Amazon.com doesn't ship camera gear outside the US, and cameras2u.com (in the UK) doesn't list the LS-2000. (The LS50 they list has the same problem as the LS30 - no slide feeder available). Ebay.co.uk has two LS-2000 scanners, but I'm not sure I trust ebay sellers.

Of course, none of this matters for future pictures, as I have an EOS 300d, but I'd really like to get all my pics digitized as soon as possible; not only can I then store a copy off-site (the collection is by now worth quite a lot), but I can also slap up better pics on the web. I'd like to rescan and replace the pics I scanned using a laptop (... no decent screen) as they have problems with color and brightness. Most of the pics with these problems also have polaroid scanner artifacts (lines on the scans from dust on the scanner's light source - easily remedied, just clean the light, but you have to know that that's the trouble before you can do that.).


Is there a scanning service you could use? It might be a little pricy, but it'd be a one time thing, wouldn't it?

The one I've checked would be more expensive than buying a used scanner + slide feeder - and I'd have to send my pics abroad for scanning. I dislike that idea, cos while it doesn't happen often, things do disappear in the mail.

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