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Spring 2

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Silly pheasants, and beautiful crocuses.

So I'm cleaning last year's dead stalks off the garden proper and hear a horrible shriek right behind me... the pheasant male is out impressing the females.
Pheasant, running off.Pic: Pheasant, running off.

Go in, get the camera, try to get a decent pic of him in his full glory, does he have to stay in the shady spots? His colors, in full sun, are gorgeous. But alas.

He was quite amusing, though.
Pheasant seeing rivals in the basement window.Pic: Pheasant seeing rivals in the basement window. The windows to the basement are his level, and in bright sunshine he saw reflected rivals, which he kept trying to peck away at, all day Wednesday. I didn't see it, but a neighbor reported that he continued Thursday morning. Silly bird.

Other spring things: there's more crocuses now, and here's a white beauty.
Closed white crocus flowers.Pic: Closed white crocus flowers. They've been in flower, but in this pic early morning kept them closed. Nice, against the sun.

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beautimous!!! I'd never seen a pheasant before...must be lean after the winter. Cool feathers though. do they ever leave feathers behind tht fall out? the doves and pigeons always shed feathers.

crocus...i havnet seen one of those in years...they are so sweet! Excellent photo!

Here in Upstate New York the snow is finally gone and it's the daffodils, day lillies, and wild turkeys doing the displaying...:)

God I Love Spring...:)


There's a ruffed Grouse at the place I teach here in Michigan, and one year he was in the prime of his manliness the week I was teaching. He followed us around all day (which he usually does... he's there year round), but seeing I was the "leader" of the group, he decided I was the competing male. That darn bird jumped on my back and went after my ankles all day long... really hard to keep a train of thought when you've got a bird trying to peck at your head everytime you turn your back...

Here's the old gentleman now: http://www.uheac.org/photo%20galler...

Darcey: I haven't found falled pheasant feathers yet. There's lots of pheasants here, they should shed, dunno where and when, though.
Jim: snigger.


I've had a similar problem with grouse - seems the area I always like to collect mullein was his main display area during wooing season...:)

Picture a 2 pound bird trying to drive a 6' 2" 225lb man off of his range...:)


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