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I'm visiting southern Sweden and Copenhagen for a few days.

It's Lysekil's örtagård, and the Göteborg Botanical Garden, and Blomsdals örtagård, and the Copenhagen Botanic Garden, and the Copenhagen Royal Horticultural Garden, and Tirups örtagård ...

... gonna be fun.


Whenever I think of Copenhagen, I think of chew.

Maybe it's just me.

Travel reports to follow.

I live in southern Sweden, but also very familiar with Gothenburg, Uddevalla and Ljungskile, as my husband's family is based in this general area and he grew up all around there. The archipelago is so very gorgeous in the summertime and I am not surprised you filled up both (photo) chips in one day.

I also love eastern Sweden, especially Kalmar with it's ancient castle (Keys to the Kingdom) on the Baltic Sea and Timmernaben. Absolutely Gorgeous.

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