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The waterfall

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Remember the waterfall?

It's still busy. I went to have a look on the 19th (Wednesday):
Busy waterfall.Pic: Busy waterfall.
There you can see the layout of the falls: up front there's the main fall (no ice sheets floating downstream), off to the left is water that has been through the turbines of the museum hydrowhatever. If the museum hydrowhatever was turned on, that is - it's not always.
Also to the left you can see the platform where I took pics last time; the dinky little bridge I stood on to take these pics didn't look all that inviting then, what with the waterfall simply roaring away. It's quited down a tad, enough for me to brave that bridge.
I went to have another look-see after about 30 cm snow on the 21st (Friday):
Snowy busy waterfall.Pic: Snowy busy waterfall.
Lovely to have a white landscape again, but the car is buried, and the snowplough ploughed a lot of snow into my front garden.

Oh, and a pic of the same waterfall when it's nice and quiet, and normal? Here's one.


NOT only has it been between 20-26 deg F
below zero for the last 3 days, we also got 2 feet of snow on saturday..:(

I knew it was too good to last...:)

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