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A widdle

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So you widdle in the woods -- or not, depending.

I was walking along a path in a fairly public park, not all that long ago, and needed to pee. The temptation to look for a nice bushy, well, bush, or similar can be overwhelming, especially if the nearest real loo is way off.

Things got urgent, so I squatted behind some nice bushes.

And giggled.

See, my grandma told us the tale how her ma, long long ago, had squatted down to widdle behind something suitable, out in the countryside where she lived, back when she was in her teens.

And a gentleman came walking along the path, close to which she'd found something large enough to squat behind.

And he wouldn't have noticed her at all, but unfortunately, she started to shout: "Look away, look away!" (actually, in German: "Gucken Sie weg! Gucken Sie weg!").

He, of course, didn't. Would you have?


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