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My oh my, I knew I was big, but this big?

I'm real easy to find. Just type "Henriette" into any search engine and clicky on the first result. Here: Google - Yahoo - MSN - Dogpile - Altavista - Lycos - Excite - Looksmart - Netscape - A9 - Ask Jeeves

Dunno how many of those are actually the same results in different clothing, though.

I've been telling people for years to type my full name to find me (ibiblio doesn't really trip off the tongue, especially if you're Finnish), but this is mindblowing.

Oh well, lucky they still have to type "Henrietta Kress" if they want to find me with a misspelt first name, eh?


I recently launched my website on herbal products and finding that you are at the top of search engines is mind blowing, would you share with me how to get to the top.

It's pretty easy. Just supply top-quality information for a decade and keep your site completely non-commercial. Your weight-loss products site simply doesn't cut it (which is why I removed the link to it).

For weight loss, read the syndrome X posts of this blog.

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