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Y! desktop search

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Anybody else here remember Lotus Magellan?

If you do, go read this.

Yahoo's up-and-coming desktop search is based on the old Magellan. That's one program that I used to miss sorely, after it died its premature death -- W98, was it? It worked fine on W3.1, but wasn't updated after that. While Norton Commander had its uses, it came nowhere near Magellan in total usefulness.

Of course, as long as I remember I've had megabytes of data spread over dozens or hundreds of directories, so that might affect my judgment.

It had previews of everything then available, including (of course) Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets, WP documents, MSWord documents, and even some .gifs, unheard of in the DOS world. And it indexed the whole hard disk, all 40 MBs of it, and had incremental search across directories and indexes. It was an extremely useful program.

So they killed it, of course.

Now it's back, as yahoo's desktop search, but like before, it looks like yahoo is missing the linux boat altogether. Hey Y!, we're right over here.

Anyway, all you windows users: rejoice!

This is likely to be an order of magnitude better than either google's or MSN's desktop searches. Magellan used to rock.


I'm on linux these days; I use grep with xargs, or konqueror's find tool. Both work, but neither is quite as nifty as Magellan's incremental search across hundreds or thousands of files, stopping and highlighting text in a file every time the search term is found, continuing if you tell it to.

Now I want Lotus Magellan for linux. Anybody know if there is such a beast?


Re: Date Format "Universally" understood.
Well, my preference is for the Mayan date system, although what they do for those dates that fall after the end of the world (apparently quite imminent) I'm not quite sure...

Re: Lotus Magellan - well I rerember it, it was a feasible idea but way too slow in building its indexes. More recently, I had to kick google desktop off my system after I discovered it was consistently messing up my Internet connection (probably busy sending all the details of my searches to Big Googler.. er I mean brother).

Keep up the great work on the web site - as for the blogs, blah.


As for the blogs ... eh.

I quite like the blog for the freedom to rant.

Rants aren't welcome on mailing lists or usenet newsgroups, and they're boring on "normal" websites.

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