Photo: Rhodiola rosea 3.

Botanical name: 

Plant dug up, with leaf still attached. It's a fleshy, long root. Helsinki, Finland. Picked. 1998-09-01.

Rhodiola rosea L.
Engl.: roseroot, arctic root.
Deu.: Rosenwurz, Alpen-Rosenwurz.
Suom.: pohjanruusujuuri, ruusujuuri.
Sven.: rosenrot, fjällkaktus.
Ital.: rodiola.
Bot. syn.: Rhodiola arctica Boriss., Rhodiola roanensis Britt., Rhodiola scopolii Simonk., Sedum rhodiola DC., Sedum rosea (L.) Scop., Sedum roseum Scop.

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Photo: Rhodiola rosea 3.


Where can I find the most potent wild crafted Rhodiola in the world?

I'd do coffee instead of Fhodiola ... and nettle seed for an adaptogen, if that's what you're after.

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