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Artsy pic

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Artsy pic: your guess is as good as the next person's.

Another artsy pic, plant-related this time. Ladies, I think we'll let the lads guess first - you probably know what it is. A day's headstart should be about right.

Here's the pic:
Artsy pic 2.Pic: Artsy pic 2.



'Tis a red cabbage?

Give the man a cigar!
Pretty, isn't it?

Ok, I'm a little surprised to learn that Jupiter is apparently full of red cabbage, but I suppose there's some sort of logical explination.

Failing that, it'd probably make a good GC story.

It was a challenge not to post at my first visit here this AM - - - I had to honor the request to allow the masculine gender first stab.

. . . Yessss - this is sooooo lovely! And it urged me to my glass crock of "pink saurkraut" fermenting on my little kitchen counter. The fragrance is devine (to anyone fond of ferments, that is) and the kraut, too is just lovely to watch.

Nature is just so generous!

Yeah, Rose, I didn't know how easy or hard it would be to see what it is.
Nice pics, JR!

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