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A few UK herb houses.

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If you're in the EU you want to buy from within the EU.

Because if you don't, your parcel will get stuck in customs, and get slapped with import duty and similar charges. And VAT, which matters if you don't have a EU VAT number yourself, as you're then the place where the VAT buck stops.

Anyway, here are a few herbalist-only UK herb houses:

You should thank me, lots, as it's difficult to locate these URLs.

For herbalist-only herb companies, there are usually ordering limits. For instance, the minimum amount per plant is ½ kg (excepting things like saffron and (I think) vanilla pods), and the minimum order size can be £50, excluding carriage.

And while the catalogues look good (wow, they have this?), they don't always have everything: I recently tried to order 9 different herbs from one of these companies, and was told that they didn't carry one (their website said otherwise) and that 3 others were out of stock. The resulting carriage per kg of herb was extreme (double the price of the herbs, and then some), so I cancelled the order and have ordered the lot elsewhere.

Then there are UK herb houses for the great unwashed masses:

Except for justingredients, I haven't bought anything from these: their ordering amounts are piddling small (1 ounce? What would I do with one ounce of a herb?) and extremely expensive, if calculated by the kg.

About justingredients: they'll email you frequently and often. Don't hand them your best email address.

If you know of good suppliers in the EU add'em in the comments. Thanks!