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So I quite like Schlock Mercenary ...

... and I have been reading this very good comic strip for years. Currently Howard has some monetary difficulties (google adsense pulled the plug on him), and he is inviting banner ads.

So I made one:
Henriette's herbal blog: banner ad.
Pic: Henriette's herbal blog: banner ad.

Nice, no? I'm sure that TA, Steve or JIM could put together much nicer ads, ones with a sting and a zing to them, though.


We need more ads like yours. Sarcastic humor, accurate impression, not animated or music-filled. Thank you.

Aww. Blush.

Nice! We also need more flowers in ads.

I think flowers would really sell HG.

Hrm... you just gave me an idea, if I were to ever take the plunge set up a website for my webcomic, and buy ads...

I just got the ultimate idea for an ad on Schlock Mercenary.

It looks great but you could change the font case and it would look much better.

Ah, but I chose the font to fit in with the rest of the Schlock site.

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