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Taraxacum officinale, Dandelion.

Botanical name:
Please read the introduction to Boericke's tinctures.

For gastric headaches, bilious attacks, with characteristically mapped tongue and jaundiced skin. Cancer of bladder. Flatulence. Hysterical tympanites.
Head.--Sensation of great heat on top of head. Sterno-mastoid muscle very painful to touch.
Mouth.--Mapped tongue. Tongue covered with a white film; feels raw; comes off in patches, leaving red, sensitive spots. Loss of appetite. Bitter taste and eructations. Salivation.
Abdomen.--Liver enlarged and indurated. Sharp stitches in left side. Sensation of bubbles bursting in bowels. Tympanites. Evacuation difficult.
Extremities.--Very restless limbs. Neuralgia of knee; better, pressure. Limbs painful to touch.
Fever.--Chilliness after eating, worse drinking; finger tips cold. Bitter taste. Heat without thirst, in face, in toes. Sweat on falling asleep.
Skin.--Profuse night-sweats.
Modalities.--Worse, resting, lying down, sitting. Better, touch.
Relationship.--Compare: Choline, a constituent of Taraxacum root, has given encouraging results in the treatment of cancer. Choline is closely related to Neurin, it is the "Cancronie" of Prof. Adamkiewicz (E. Schlegel). Bry; Hydrast; Nux. Tela aranea (nervous asthma and sleeplessness).
Dose.--Tincture, to third potency. In cancer 1-2 drams fluid extract.

Boericke's Materia Medica, 1901, was written by William Boericke. Excerpt: The Tinctures.

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