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Ad: Nitrous ether. Henry C. Blair's Sons.


Nitrous Ether

For the immediate production of pure and fresh Sweet Spirits of Nitre of the strength and quality required by the United States Pharmacopoeia.
One pound of this Nitrous Ether mixed with nineteen pounds of Alcohol will make twenty pounds Spirit of Nitrous Ether, U. S. P.
The Druggist can estimate the cost and convenience for himself.

Put up in 1/4 lb. Botts. 45c., 1/2 lb Botts. 82c., 1 lb. Botts. $1.50.

Hance Brothers & White, Manufacturing Chemists and Pharmaceutists, Philadelphia.

Blair's Prepared Wheat Food, The Most Healthful and Nutritious Diet for Infants. Put up in large canisters.
Henry C. Blair's Sons, Apothecaries, Phils.

Blair's Liquid Rennet, Blair's Medicated Prunes, Blair's Night Lights. Blairs' Quinin and Glycerin Hair Tonic, Blairs' Castor Oil and Glycerin Pomade.
Henry C. Blair's Sons, Apothecaries, Phils.

Liq. Acid. Phos., Liq. Acid Phos. Comp. with iron.
Made by the original formula as suggested to us by Prof. Wm. Pepper, A. M., M. D., Provost University of Pennsylvania. Supplied in bulk to the trade.
Henry C. Blair's Sons, Apothecaries, Phils.

Vaccine Virus of reliable quality.
Those wishing reliable Virus should communicate with us. We receive it fresh every day and offer the trade liberal margins.
Cases of 10 Points $1.00 Cash must be sent with the order. Druggists remitting the full amount, as above, will have the discount returned with the virus.
Henry C. Blair's Sons, Apothecaries, Phils.

This image is an advertisement in the American Journal of Pharmacy, 1884.

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