6.5 Herb programs.

6.5.1 Demo or shareware herb programs

For recent herbal programs try a search for 'herb', 'plant' or 'botanical' on one of the larger shareware sites, like http://www.shareware.com/, http://www.winsite.com/search/ or http://www.download.com/

A few links to get you started:

Get the demo of HerbBase, an empty database structure ready for you to fill up: http://www.DynamicArray.com.au

Zentrum Publishing has a few programs here: http://www.alternative-medicine-software.com/#Herbs (Wellness, Naturheilkunde, Herbs, Side Effects).

6.5.1 Commercial Herbprograms


The Herbalist, David Hoffmann, http://www.hoptechno.com/herbmm.htm , USD 50.
"The Herbalist" was made before crosslinking really took off, but it has a nice index/search engine. It gives you fast access to thorough plant / ailment information. As a bonus there are pronounciations of some plant Latin - the British way.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Pharmacology, http://www.hoptechno.com/cherbal.htm , USD 50.
Well worth the price, if you do have some basic knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine. I can't say how good it is if you really know your Chinese herbs, but for my knowledge of TCM (basic) it's perfect.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Sciences CD-ROM, Self-study course and TCM herbal tutor. Roger Wicke, http://www.rmhiherbal.org/herbalthink/index.html , USD 375 or 595.

Herbalist, http://www.LongGrassSystems.com.au/Herbalist.php , AUD 30 (about USD 20).
It includes data on about 300 herbs (which you can add your own notes to). You can download a demo (26 MB).

Medical Herbalism Resource Disc, http://www.medherb.com/MHHOME.SHTML (go for the back issues). USD 59.
Paul Bergner's excellent journal Medical Herbalism is now available on a CD-ROM, as .html and .pdf -files. That's the back issues from 1989 through to 1999 - no later ones, sorry. While the links in the html part aren't always correct (the files are there, but the links don't always point to them), the pdf files work very nicely indeed.
Considering that the back issues on paper are priced at USD 99/149, and that the information in this format is searchable and well indexed, it's a bargain.
Also included on this CD-ROM, in the same .pdf and .html formats, are King's American Dispensatory (from my site, here: http://www.henriettes-herb.com/eclectic/kings/intro.html (used with my permission)) and William Cook's Physiomedical Dispensatory.

The Herbal Remedies CD, http://www.dav-buchhandlung.de/buchlang.php3?titel_id=51881 , 77 EUR.
A German CD-ROM, seen from a phytopharmaceutical viewpoint. The database is divided into two main parts:
- a Materia medica (which lists, in addition to basic plant information, latin name synonyms and variations - quite smart, that.).
- a drug information sheet - instead of "Aesculus hippocastanum" we get "Hippocastani semen", with preparations, constituents, and indications.
MDs and NDs take note - this one is for you.