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Photo: Arctium lappa 4.

Taxonomy extra:
'Takinogawa long' gobo. Flowering plant. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 2003-07-21.
Arctium lappa L. Engl.: burdock, great burdock, bardane, beggar's buttons, clot-bur, cockle buttons, cuckold-dock, fox's clote, greater burdock, happy major, hardock, hurrburr, lappa, love leaves, stick-buttons, thorny burr. Deu.: Grosse Klette, Klette. Suom.: isotakiainen. Sven.: stor kardborre. Fran.: grande bardane, artichaut, bardane, bardane commune, bardane majeure, catherinettes, croquia, glouteron, graquias, gratteau, herbe aux teigneux, piquant, rapace, rhubarbe du diable, rhubarbe sauvage, roses-bardine, tabac du diable, toques. Ital.: bardana. Pharm.: fructus lappae, radix lappae. Bot. syn.: Arctium majus Bernh., Arctium vulgare A. H. Evans, Lappa major L., Lappa officinalis All., Lappa vulgaris Hill.
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