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Acourtia D. Don. Engl.: desertpeony. Bot. syn.: Perezia Lag.

Acourtia alamanii

Acourtia alamanii (DC.) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Dumerilia alamanii DC., Perezia adnata Gray, Perezia alamanii (DC.) Hemsl., Trixis pipitzahuac Sch. Bip., Trixis pipitzahuac Schaffn. & Schulz.

Acourtia carpholepis

Acourtia carpholepis (Gray) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Perezia carpholepis Gray.

Acourtia coulteri

Acourtia coulteri (Gray) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Perezia coulteri Gray.

Acourtia dugesii

Acourtia dugesii (Gray) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Perezia dugesii A. Gray.

Acourtia formosa

Acourtia formosa D. Don. Bot. syn.: Acourtia macrocephala Sch. Bip., Perezia formosa (D. Don) A. Gray, Perezia turbinata Gray, Trixis turbinata Sch. Bip.

Acourtia fruticosa

Acourtia fruticosa (Lex.) B. L. Turner. Bot. syn.: Perezia fruticosa Lex.

Acourtia hebeclada

Acourtia hebeclada DC. Bot. syn.: Perezia hebeclada (DC.) Gray.

Acourtia microcephala

Acourtia microcephala DC. Engl.: sacapellote. Bot. syn.: Perezia microcephala (DC.) Gray.

Acourtia moschata

Acourtia moschata (Lex.) DC. Bot. syn.: Perezia moschata Lex.

Acourtia nana

Acourtia nana (Gray) Reveal & King. Engl.: desert holly, dwarf desertpeony. Bot. syn.: Perezia nana Gray.

Acourtia nudicaulis

Acourtia nudicaulis (Gray) B. L. Turner. Bot. syn.: Perezia nudicaulis Gray.

Acourtia oxylepis

Acourtia oxylepis (Gray) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Perezia oxylepis Gray.

Acourtia parryi

Acourtia parryi (Gray) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Perezia parryi Gray.

Acourtia patens

Acourtia patens (Gray) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Acourtia formosa Sch. Bip., Perezia patens Gray, Trixis patens (Gray) Sch. Bip.

Acourtia platyphylla

Acourtia platyphylla (Gray) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Perezia platyphylla Gray.

Acourtia reticulata

Acourtia reticulata (Lag. ex D. Don) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Dumerilia reticulata Don., Perezia reticulata (Lag. ex D. Don) Gray, Proustia reticulata Lag.

Acourtia rigida

Acourtia rigida DC. Bot. syn.: Acourtia formosa Hook & Arn., Perezia rigida (DC.) A. Gray.

Acourtia runcinata

Acourtia runcinata (Lag. ex D. Don) B. L. Turner. Engl.: featherleaf desertpeony. Bot. syn.: Perezia runcinata (Lag. ex D. Don) Lag. ex Gray.

Acourtia seemannii

Acourtia seemannii (gray) Sch. Bip. Bot. syn.: Perezia seemannii A. Gray, Trixis seemannii (Gray) Sch. Bip.

Acourtia thurberi

Acourtia thurberi (Gray) Reveal & King. Engl.: Thurber's desertpeony. Bot. syn.: Perezia thurberi Gray.

Acourtia thyrsoidea

Acourtia thyrsoidea (Gray) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Perezia thyrsoidea Gray.

Acourtia turbinata

Acourtia turbinata (Llav & Lex) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Perezia turbinata Llav. & Lex.

Acourtia wislizeni

Acourtia wislizeni (Gray) Reveal & King. Bot. syn.: Perezia megacephala (Gray) Greenm., Perezia wislizeni Gray.

Acourtia wrightii

Acourtia wrightii (Gray) Reveal & King. Engl.: brownfoot. Bot. syn.: Perezia arizonica Gray, Perezia wrightii Gray.

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