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Adansonia L. Engl.: adansonia.

Adansonia digitata

Adansonia digitata L. Engl.: baobab, African baobab, baobab tree, bottle tree, cream-of-tartar tree, dead-rat tree, Judas fruit, lemonade tree, monkeybread tree, sour-gourd tree. Deu.: Affenbrotbaum. Suom.: apinaleipäpuu, baobabpuu. Fran.: calebassier du Sénégal, pain de singe. Port.: baobá.

Adansonia gibbosa

Adansonia gibbosa (A. Cunn.) Guymer ex D. Baum. Engl.: Australian boab, bottle tree, cream of tatar tree, gourd tree. Bot. syn.: Adansonia gregorii F. Muell.

Adansonia gregorii:

Adansonia gregorii F. Muell., Malvaceae: See Adansonia gibbosa (A. Cunn.) Guymer ex D. Baum.

Adansonia madagascariensis

Adansonia madagascariensis Baill. Engl.: cream-of-tatar-tree.

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