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Agathis Salisb. Engl.: agathis. Suom.: kauri.

Agathis australis

Agathis australis (D. Don) Steud. Engl.: kauri, Australian copal, kauri spruce, kauri-pine, New Zealand kauri. Deu.: Kaurikopal. Suom.: kauri. Pharm.: gum kauri. Bot. syn.: Dammara australis D. Don.

Agathis dammara

Agathis dammara (Lamb.) Rich. & A. Rich. Engl.: dammar pine, amboina-pine, amboyna pine, Borneo kauri, dammar, East Indian kauri, Malayan kauri. Deu.: Dammarabaum, Dammartanne, Manilakopal. Sven.: dammarakauri. Span.: pino de amboyna. Pharm.: dammara, dammara turpentine, gum dammar, kauri gum, kauri resin, Manila copal, New Zealand dammar. Bot. syn.: Abies dammara (Lamb.) Poir., Abies sumatrana Desf., Agathis alba Rumphius ex Jeffrey, Agathis beccarii Warb., Agathis loranthifolia Lamb., Dammara alba Rumph. ex Blume, Dammara loranthifolia (Salisb.) Link, Dammara orientalis Lamb., Pinus dammara Lamb.

Agathis labillardieri

Agathis labillardieri Warb. Engl.: New Guinea kauri. Fran.: pin de cowrie. Dutch: kauri.

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