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Callirhoe Nutt. Engl.: poppymallow. Deu.: Mohnmalve.

Callirhoe involucrata

Callirhoe involucrata (T. & G.) A. Gray. Engl.: purple poppymallow, wine cups, buffalo rose, low poppymallow, poppy mallow. Deu.: Purpurne Mohnmalve. Sven.: källblomster. Bot. syn.: Malva involucrata Torr. & Gray.

Callirhoe pedata

Callirhoe pedata (Nutt. ex Hook. A. Gray. Engl.: palmleaf poppymallow, pimple mallow. Bot. syn.: Callirhoe digitata Nutt. var. stipulata Waterf.

Callirhoe triangulata

Callirhoe triangulata (Leavenw.) Gray. Engl.: clustered poppymallow.

Mallow Family Demulcents.

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