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Canna L. Engl.: canna. Deu.: Blumenrohr. Suom.: kanna. Sven.: kannasläktet, blomsterrör, kanna, kannor.

Canna achiras:

Canna achiras Gill., Cannaceae: See Canna paniculata Ruiz & Pav.

Canna carnea:

Canna carnea Roscoe, Cannaceae: See Canna indica L.

Canna coccinea:

Canna coccinea Link, Cannaceae: See Canna paniculata Ruiz & Pav.

Canna coccinea Mill., Cannaceae: See Canna indica L.

Canna edulis:

Canna edulis Ker-Gawl., Cannaceae: See Canna indica L.

Canna glauca

Canna glauca L. Engl.: maraca amarilla, Louisiana canna. Sven.: louisiana-kanna. Bot. syn.: Canna angustifolia L., Canna mexicana A.Dietr., Canna stolonifera D.Dietr. Pre-Linnaean: Canna foliis lanceolatis petiolatis enerviis, Cannacorus glaucophyllus ampliore flore iridis palustris facie, Cannoides.

Canna indica

Canna indica L. Engl.: Indian shot, Australian arrow-root. Deu.: Australische Canna, Essbares Blumenrohr, Australische Pfeilwurz, Blumenrohr, Essbare Canna, Fleischfarbiges Blumenrohr, Scharlachrotes Blumenrohr. Suom.: nuolijuurikanna, intiankanna. Sven.: röd arrowrot, australisk arrowrot, indisk arrowrot, indiskt blomsterrör. Fran.: tous les mois. Bot. syn.: Canna carnea Rosc., Canna coccinea P. Mill., Canna edulis Ker-Gawl. Pre-Linnaean: Arundo indica florida Cannacorus qvorundam, Arundo indica latifolia, Canna foliis ovatis utrinque acuminatis nervosis, Canna indica, Canna indica flore rubro, Canna spathulis bifloris, Cannacorus amplissimo folio flore rutilo, Cannacorus latifolius vulgaris.

Canna paniculata

Canna paniculata Ruiz & Pav. Bot. syn.: Canna achiras Gill., Canna coccinea Link.

Canna x generalis

Canna x generalis L. H. bailey. Engl.: canna lily. Bot. syn.: See Canna glauca L. x indica L., Canna x orchiodes Bailey.

Canna x hortensis

Canna x hortensis Guillaumin. Engl.: canna.

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