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Castilleja Mutis ex L. f. Engl.: Indian Paintbrush.

Castilleja exserta

Castilleja exserta (Heller) Chuang & Heckard. Engl.: exserted Indian paintbrush, owl clover. Bot. syn.: Orthocarpus exsertus Heller, Orthocarpus purpurascens Benth.

Castilleja integra

Castilleja integra Gray. Engl.: Wholeleaf Indian Paintbrush.

Photo: Castilleja 2.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering patch. Chiricahuas, AZ, US. Wild. 1998-04-01.

Photo: Castilleja.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering plant. Purgatory, CO, US. Wild. 1996-07-26.

Photo: Castilleja 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Closeup of flower. Purgatory, CO, US. Wild. 1996-07-26.

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