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Cymopterus Raf. Engl.: springparsley.

Cymopterus acaulis

Cymopterus acaulis (Pursh) Raf. Engl.: plains springparsley. Bot. syn.: Cymopterus fendleri A. Gray, Cymopterus glomeratus (Nutt.) DC., Thapsia glomerata Nutt.

Cymopterus glomeratus:

Cymopterus glomeratus (Nutt.) DC., Apiaceae: See Cymopterus acaulis (Pursh.) Raf.

Cymopterus montanus

Cymopterus montanus Torr. & Gray. Engl.: mountain springparsley. Bot. syn.: Phellopterus montanus Nutt. ex Torr & Gray.

Photo: Cymopterus.

Taxonomy extra:
Plant with weird seedpods. Chiricahuas, AZ, US. Wild. 1998-04-01.

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