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Donax Lour. Engl.: donax.

Donax arundastrum

Donax arundastrum Lour. Engl.: mohtra reed, sitalpati plant. TCM: shui zhu yu. Bot. syn.: Clinogyne dichotoma Salisb., Maranta arundinacea Blanco, Maranta dichotoma (Roxb.) D. Dietr., Maranta dichotoma Wall., Phrynium dichotomum Roxb., Thalia dealbata hort. ex Link.

Donax canniformis

Donax canniformis (G. Forst.) K. Schum. TCM: zhu ye jiao. Bot. syn.: Clinogyne dichotoma Kuntze, Clinogyne grandis (Miq.) Benth. & Hook. f., Maranta grandis Miq.

I have no articles for this botanical term, but there might be some for the next level down (if found).

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