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Elettaria Maton. Engl.: elettaria.

Elettaria alba

Elettaria alba Blume. Bot. syn.: Alpinia alba (Blume) D. Dietr.

Elettaria cardamomum

Elettaria cardamomum (L.) Maton. Engl.: cardamom, true cardamom, cardamom seeds, cardamon, cluster cardamom, lesser cardamom, Malabar cardamom, round cardamom, Siam cardamom. Deu.: Kardamom, Cardamomen, Cardamompflanze, Cardamon, Kleine Kardamomen, Zimtpflanze. Suom.: kardemumma. Sven.: kardemumma. Fran.: cardamome. Ital.: cardamomo. Pharm.: cardamomum malabaricum, cardamomum minus. Bot. syn.: Alpinia cardamomum (L.) Roxb., Alpinia striata hort. Angl ex Link, Amomum cardamomum L., Amomum cardamomum White, Amomum compactum Solad ex Maton, Amomum kapulaga Spregue, Amomum repens Sonn., Cardamomum minum Rumph, Cardamomum officinale Salisb., Elettaria cardamomum White & Maton, Elettaria major Smith, Elettaria repens Baill., Matonia cardamomum (L.) Stephan & Church, Matonia cardamomum Smith.

Elettaria cardamomum var. major

Elettaria cardamomum var. major Thwaites. Engl.: Ceylon wild cardamoms, wild cardamom, Ceylon cardamom, grains of paradise, large cardamom, long cardamom, long white cardamom, long wild natives, Sri Lanka cardamom. Bot. syn.: Elettaria major Sm.

Elettaria repens:

Elettaria repens Baill., Zingiberaceae: See Elettaria cardamomum (L.) Maton.

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