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Erythronium L. Engl.: fawnlily. Suom.: koiranhammas, koiranhammaslilja. Sven.: tandslilja.

Erythronium albidum

Erythronium albidum Nutt. Engl.: white fawnlily.

Erythronium americanum

Erythronium americanum Ker-Gawl. Engl.: adder's tongue, dogtooth violet, amberbell, American adder's tongue, dog's tooth violet, erythronium, fellow snowdrop, lamb's tongue, rattlesnake violet, scrofula root, serpent's tongue, snake leaf, trout-lily, yellow erythronium, yellow snakeleaf, yellow snowdrop.

Erythronium dens-canis

Erythronium dens-canis L. Engl.: dog-tooth violet. Deu.: Hundszahn. Suom.: rusokoiranhammas. Sven.: hundtandslilja.

Erythronium grandiflorum

Erythronium grandiflorum Pursh. Engl.: yellow glacier lily, avalanche-lily, glacier-lily.

Erythronium montanum

Erythronium montanum S. Wats. Engl.: avalanche lily, white avalanche-lily.

Erythronium oregonum

Erythronium oregonum Applegate. Engl.: giant white fawnlily, white fawn lily, giant adder's tongue, Oregon's fawn-lily. Bot. syn.: Erythronium giganteum auct. non Lindl.

Erythronium propullans

Erythronium propullans Gray. Engl.: Minnesota fawnlily, dwarf trout lily.

Erythronium revolutum

Erythronium revolutum Sm. Engl.: mahogany fawnlily, pink fawn lily.

Erythronium tuolumnense

Erythronium tuolumnense Applegate. Engl.: Toulumne fawnlily.

Photo: Erythronium.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering plant. München bot.g, Germany. Planted. 2000-04-16.

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