Eucheuma denticulatum

Eucheuma denticulatum (Burm.) Collins & Hervey.
Engl.: Macassar agar-agar, Celebes agar-agar.
Bot. syn.: Eucheuma spinosum Agardh, Gigartina spinosa Agardh.

Eucheuma gelatinae:

Eucheuma gelatinae (Esper) Agardh, Animals: See Betaphycus gelatinum (Esper) Doty.

Eucheuma speciosum:

Eucheuma speciosum (Sond.) Agardh, Animals: See Betaphycus speciosum (Sond.) Doty ex Silva.

Eucheuma spinosum:

Eucheuma spinosum Agardh, Animals: See Eucheuma denticulatum (Burm.) Collins & Hervey.

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