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Grindelia Willd. Engl.: gumweed. Deu.: Gummikraut.

Grindelia aphanactis:

Grindelia aphanactis Rydb., Asteraceae: See Grindelia nuda Wood var. aphanactis (Rydb.) Nesom.

Grindelia camporum

Grindelia camporum Greene. Engl.: great valley gumweed, grindelia, California gum plant, gum plant, hardy grindelia, rosin weed, wild sun flower, yellow tar weed. Deu.: Grindelie, Grosse Gindelie, Gummikraut. Bot. syn.: Grindelia paludosa Greene, Grindelia procera Greene, Grindelia robusta Nutt. p. p.

Grindelia glutinosa

Grindelia glutinosa (Cav.) C. Mart. Span.: calancapatle de Pueblo. Bot. syn.: Aster glutinosus Cav., Grindelia glutinosa (Cav.) Dunal.

Grindelia hirsutula

Grindelia hirsutula Hook. & Arn. Engl.: hairy gumweed, grindelia.

Grindelia integrifolia

Grindelia integrifolia DC. Engl.: Puget Sound gumweed.

Grindelia nana

Grindelia nana Nutt. Engl.: Idaho gumweed, low gumweed. Bot. syn.: Grindelia squarrosa (Pursh) Dunal var. integrifolia (Nutt.) Boivin.

Grindelia nuda

Grindelia nuda Wood. Engl.: curlytop gumweed, desert gumweed. Bot. syn.: Grindelia aphanactis Rydb., Grindelia squarrosa (Pursh) Dunal var. nuda (Wood) Gray.

Grindelia robusta:

Grindelia robusta Nutt., Asteraceae: See Grindelia camporum Greene.

Grindelia squarrosa

Grindelia squarrosa (Pursh) Dunal. Engl.: curlycup gumweed, ague weed, scaly grindelia. Deu.: Sperriges Gummikraut, Harzkraut. Bot. syn.: Grindelia perennis A. Nels., Grindelia serrulata Rydb.

Grindelia stricta

Grindelia stricta DC. Engl.: Oregon gumweed, marsh gumplant. Bot. syn.: Grindelia cuneifolia Nutt., Grindelia robusta Nutt. var. angustifolia Gray.

Photo: Grindelia 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Gumweed flowerbud, white with the gum. In another time and place I painted a little boy with that gum. It didn't show at all at first, but then he got dusty :-) Kew Garden, London, UK. Planted. 2005-09-12.

Photo: Grindelia 2.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering stand. Kew Garden, London, UK. Planted. 2005-09-12.

Photo: Grindelia.

Taxonomy extra:
Gumweed flower, with gum and petals. Kew Garden, London, UK. Planted. 2005-09-12.

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