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Oenothera L. Engl.: evening primrose, sundrops. Deu.: Nachtkerze. Suom.: helokki. Sven.: nattljus.

Oenothera biennis

Oenothera biennis L. Engl.: common evening-primrose, evening primrose, tree primrose. Deu.: Gewöhnliche Nachtkerze, Nachtkerze, Grosse Nachtkerze, Rapontika. Suom.: iltahelokki, helokki. Sven.: nattljus, gulltrav, vanligt nattljus. Fran.: onagre. Ital.: enotera. Bot. syn.: Oenothera muricata L.

Oenothera canescens

Oenothera canescens Torr. & Frem. Engl.: spotted evening-primrose.

Oenothera cruciata:

Oenothera cruciata Nutt. ex G. Don, Onagraceae: See Oenothera parviflora L.

Oenothera deltoides

Oenothera deltoides Torr. & Frem. Engl.: birdcage evening-primrose, dune primrose.

Oenothera depressa:

Oenothera depressa Greene, Onagraceae: See Oenothera villosa Thunb.

Oenothera elata

Oenothera elata Kunth. Engl.: Hooker's evening-primrose. Bot. syn.: Oenothera hookeri Torr. & Gray, Oenothera ornata (A. Nels.) Rydb., Oenothera simsiana auct. non Ser.

Oenothera flava

Oenothera flava (A. Nels.) Garrett. Engl.: yellow evening-primrose. Bot. syn.: Oenothera taraxacoides (Woot. & Standl.) Munz.

Oenothera fruticosa

Oenothera fruticosa Roth. Engl.: golden sundrops, narrowleaf evening-primrose. Deu.: Strauchige Nachtkerze. Suom.: kultahelokki. Sven.: gullnattljus. Bot. syn.: Kneiffia glauca (Michx.) Spach, Kneiffia hybrida (Michx.) Small, Kneiffia latifolia Rydb., Kneiffia tetragona (Roth) Pennell, Oenothera tetragona Roth.

Oenothera glazioviana

Oenothera glazioviana Micheli. Engl.: large-flowered evening primrose, redsepal evening-primrose. Deu.: Rotkelchige Nachtkerze. Sven.: jättenattljus. Bot. syn.: Oenothera erythrosepala Borbias, Oenothera lamarckiana auct.

Oenothera grandiflora

Oenothera grandiflora L'Her. ex Ait. Engl.: largeflower evening-primrose.

Oenothera hookeri:

Oenothera hookeri Torr. & A. Gray, Onagraceae: See Oenothera elata Kunth.

Oenothera kunthiana

Oenothera kunthiana (Spach) Munz. Engl.: Kunth's evening primrose.

Oenothera macrocarpa

Oenothera macrocarpa Nutt. Engl.: bigfruit evening-primrose, Ozark sundrops. Deu.: Missouri-Nachtkerze. Suom.: isohelokki. Sven.: storblommigt nattljus. Bot. syn.: Oenothera fremontii S. Wats., Oenothera missouriensis Sims.

Oenothera missouriensis:

Oenothera missouriensis Sims, Onagraceae: See Oenothera macrocarpa Nutt.

Oenothera muricata:

Oenothera muricata L., Onagraceae: See Oenothera biennis L.

Oenothera pallida

Oenothera pallida Lindl. Engl.: jasmine evening primrose, pale evening-primrose, white evening primrose. Deu.: Weisse Nachtkerze. Bot. syn.: Oenothera runcinata (Engelm.) Munz, Oenothera trichocalyx Nutt.

Oenothera parviflora

Oenothera parviflora L. Engl.: northern evening-primrose. Deu.: Kleinblütige Nachtkerze. Bot. syn.: Oenothera cruciata Nutt. ex G. Don.

Oenothera perennis

Oenothera perennis L. Engl.: little evening-primrose. Deu.: Ausdauernde Nachtkerze.

Oenothera rosea

Oenothera rosea L'Her. ex Ait. Engl.: rose evening-primrose, limpia evening primrose. Deu.: Rosafarbene Nachtkerze. Bot. syn.: Hartmannia rosea G. Don.

Oenothera speciosa

Oenothera speciosa Nutt. Engl.: pinkladies, showy evening primrose. Deu.: Rosa Nachtkerze, Weisse Nachtkerze. Sven.: silvernattljus. Bot. syn.: Hartmannia speciosa (Nutt.) Small, Oenothera delessertiana Steud.

Oenothera villosa

Oenothera villosa Thunb. Engl.: hairy evening primrose. Suom.: karheahelokki. Bot. syn.: Oenothera depressa Greene.

Photo: Oenothera 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowers. Bow Willow, CA, US. Wild. 1998-03-01.

Photo: Oenothera.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering plant. There's yellow and white Oenothera species, and there's yellow and white Camissonia species. You can use the upright yellow Oenotheras like you'd use the "real" evening primrose, Oenothera biennis. The others won't work. Bow Willow, CA, US. Wild. 1998-03-01.

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