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Osmorhiza Raf. Engl.: American sweet cicely, sweetroot. Deu.: Aniswurzel.

Osmorhiza berteroi

Osmorhiza berteroi DC. Engl.: sweetcicely. Bot. syn.: Osmorhiza brevipes (Coult. & Rose) Suksdorf, Osmorhiza chilensis Hook. & Arn., Osmorhiza divaricata (Britt.) Suksdorf, Osmorhiza nuda Torr., Washingtonia divaricata Britt.

Osmorhiza longistylis

Osmorhiza longistylis (Torr.) DC. Engl.: smooth sweet cicely, aniseroot, longstyle sweetroot. Bot. syn.: Myrrhis longistylis Torr.

Photo: Osmorhiza 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Plant, dug up, with root. Cloudcroft, NM, US. Picked. 1998-06-01.

Photo: Osmorhiza.

Taxonomy extra:
Plant in seed. This is not _the_ sweet cicely, which is Myrrhis odorata. McKenzie Bridge, OR, US. Wild. 1996-07-15.

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