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Panax L. Engl.: ginseng. Sven.: ginseng.

Panax fruticosus:

Panax fruticosus L., Araliaceae: See Polyscias fruticosa (L.) Harms.

Panax ginseng

Panax ginseng C. Meyer. Engl.: Chinese ginseng, Asiatic ginseng, ginseng root, Korean ginseng. Suom.: ginseng, ginsengjuuri. Sven.: ginsengrot, ginseng. Fran.: ginseng. TCM: ren shen, ren shen ye. Bot. syn.: Aralia ginseng Mey., Panax schinseng Nees.

Panax pseudoginseng

Panax pseudoginseng Wallich. Engl.: pseudoginseng, Japanese ginseng. TCM: san qi. Bot. syn.: Panax repens Maxim.

Panax quinquefolius

Panax quinquefolius L. Engl.: American ginseng, five fingers, ginseng, man's health, occidental ginseng, red berry, tartar root. Deu.: Amerikanischer ginseng. Suom.: amerikkalainen ginseng, amerikan ginseng. Fran.: ginseng d'Amérique. TCM: shang, xi yang shen. Bot. syn.: Aralia quinquefolia Decne. & Planch.

Panax schinseng:

Panax schinseng Nees, Araliaceae: See Panax ginseng C. Meyer.

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