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Piptoporus P. Karst. Bot. syn.: Placoderma (Ricken) Ulbr.

Piptoporus betulinus

Piptoporus betulinus (Bull.) P. Karst. Engl.: birch polypore. Bot. syn.: Agarico-pulpa pseudoagaricon Paulet, Boletus betulinus Bull., Boletus suberosus Batsch, Boletus suberosus Wulfen, Fomes betulinus (Bull.) Fr., Placodes betulinus (Bull.) Quél., Polyporus betulinus (Bull.) Fr., Ungularia betulina (Bull.) Lázaro Ibiza, Ungulina betulina (Bull.) Pat.

I have no articles for this botanical term, but there might be some for the next level down (if found).

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