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Primula L. Engl.: primrose, cowslip, primula. Deu.: Primel. Suom.: esikko. Sven.: viva.

Primula acaulis:

Primula acaulis (L.) Hill, Primulaceae: See Primula vulgaris Huds.

Primula auricula

Primula auricula L. Engl.: auricula, bear's ears, mountain cowslip. Deu.: Aurikel. Suom.: kultaesikko. Sven.: vildaurikel. Pharm.: auricula camphor.

Primula elatior

Primula elatior (L.) Hill. Engl.: oxlip. Deu.: Grosse Schlüsselblume, Hohe Schlüsselblume. Suom.: etelänkevätesikko. Sven.: lundviva, trädgårdsviva.

Primula farinosa

Primula farinosa L. Engl.: bird's-eye primrose. Deu.: Mehlprimel. Suom.: jauhoesikko. Sven.: majviva, blåviva.

Primula grandiflora:

Primula grandiflora Lam., Primulaceae: See Primula vulgaris Huds.

Primula helodoxa:

Primula helodoxa Balf. f., Primulaceae: See Primula prolifera Wall.

Primula japonica

Primula japonica Gray. Engl.: Japanese primrose. Jap.: kurin-so.

Primula obconica

Primula obconica Hance. Engl.: German primrose, poison primrose.

Primula officinalis:

Primula officinalis (L.) Hill, Primulaceae: See Primula veris L.

Primula prolifera

Primula prolifera Wall. Engl.: candelabrum primrose. Bot. syn.: Primula helodoxa Balf. f.

Primula pulverulenta

Primula pulverulenta Duthie. Engl.: powdered primrose.

Primula veris

Primula veris L. Engl.: cowslip, cowslip primrose, fairy cups, herb Peter, key flower, key of heaven, mayflower, our lady's keys, palsywort, petty mulleins, primrose, yellow star of bethlehem. Deu.: Echte Schlüsselblume, Duftende Schlüsselblume, Himmelschlüssel, Primel, Schlüsselblume. Suom.: kevätesikko. Sven.: stor gullviva, gökblomma, himmelsnycklar, Jungfru Marie nycklar, oxlägg, S:t Pärs nycklar, Sankt Pers nycklar. Pharm.: radix arthritica, radix paralyseos. Bot. syn.: Primula officinalis Hill.

Primula vialii

Primula vialii Delavay ex Franch. Engl.: orchid primrose.

Primula vulgaris

Primula vulgaris Huds. Engl.: primrose. Deu.: Stengellose Schlüsselblume. Suom.: kääpiöesikko. Bot. syn.: Primula acaulis (L.) Hill, Primula grandiflora Lam.

Photo: Primula 2.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering plant. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 2004-05-20.

Photo: Primula 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering plant. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 2004-05-20.

Photo: Primula.

Taxonomy extra:
Lots and lots of flowering plants. Originally Primula elatior, with a few stray plants of Primula vulgaris and possibly Primula veris mixed in - this population is now thoroughly hybridized. (with thanks to Alarich Kress of the bot. g. in Munich.) München bot.g, Germany. Planted. 2000-04-16.

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