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Victoria Lindl. Engl.: giant water lily, royal water-lily, Victoria-lily. Suom.: jättilumme. Sven.: jättenäckros.

Victoria amazonica

Victoria amazonica (Poepp.) Sowerb. Engl.: Amazon water-lily, royal water-lily, Victoria-lily. Sven.: jättenäckros. Bot. syn.: Euryale amazonica Poepp., Nymphaea victoria Schomb. ex Lindl., Victoria amazonica Planch. ex Casp., Victoria regia Lindl., Victoria regina Schomb.

Victoria cruziana

Victoria cruziana Orb. Engl.: Santa Cruz water-lily. Suom.: parananjättilumme. Sven.: sydlig jättenäckros. Span.: irupé. Bot. syn.: Victoria trickeri hort.

Photo: Victoria.

Taxonomy extra:
'Longwood Hybrid'. Leaf. The spines on the underside of the leaf are toxic - I know because the locals warned us away from them, in Brazil. Kew Garden, London, UK. Greenhouse. 2004-06-04.

Photo: Victoria 1.

Taxonomy extra:
'Longwood Hybrid'. Leaf. Kew Garden, London, UK. Greenhouse. 2004-06-04.

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