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1995 05

From: Lisa (lisa_moose.cs.indiana.edu)
Subject: Re: What happened to Lisa?
Newsgroups: rec.humor.oracle.d
Date: 1995/05/18

Rich McGee <rmcgee_...> wrote:
>I've noticed a distinct lack of references to Lisa, the "Official Oracle Snugglebunny" in the last 6 months of postings. Has Orrie given her the boot? Personally, I think it's high time that Lisa again took over the Q & A duties and, once again, shows us all the true meaning of what is funny. Lisa, come back! Some of us still love you!

<Sigh> I'm glad SOMEONE remembers...

I'm a victim, Rich... a victim of the Republican landslide election back in November. Remember how low-profile Hillary has been since then? Same reason in my case--the mood of the country just isn't for a First Oracle speaking her mind. Matter of fact, I've spent most of the time in the kitchen baking cookies, or in the nursery changing diapers. (Shhh!! It's just PR, of course, but Orrie thought Senator Exon might get off his case a bit if he thought Orrie was a good family deity.)

And we've had to hide the leather undies and . . . appliances . . . Oh, we were getting it from both sides, the Christian Coalition and Canadian anti-pornography feminists. You can't imagine how lonely it's been, with practically no woman on earth willing to talk to me except Camille Paglia and Madonna (and the latter was just pumping me for tips, the little wannabe...!)

But yes, Rich, there is a Lisa, and as long as she lives in the heart of lustful geeks the Oracle of old will never die...

Love and XXXXX,

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