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1997 03

From: Richard Wilson (Richard.molerat.demon.co.uk)
Subject: Re: argghhh
Newsgroups: rec.humor.oracle.d
Date: 1997/03/06

mjhnsn.u.washington.edu "Melissa Johnson" writes:
> <rant>
> Why oh why can't people comprehend "Do not include the question with your answer"?

This never bothers me. In such cases, the question is invariably better than the answer.

From: Tom "Tom" Harrington (tph.rmii.com)
Subject: Re: camel jokes - cameljok.asc (1/1)
Newsgroups: rec.humor.oracle.d
Date: 1997/03/09

Sam Knowles <beerdavies.easynet.co.uk> wrote:

Oh, BOY! I love camel jokes!

> begin 644 cameljok.asc
> M16YG;&ES:"!S<&]R='D.8V%M96P.:F]K92`N+BX-".T*02!M86X.=FES:71S


> M(&AI<R!F<FEE;F0.870.87)O=6YD(&9I;F%L('-C;W)E(&]N(%-A='5R9&%Y

Oh, like I haven't heard THAT one a million times.

> M(&%F=&5R;F]O;BX.($AE)W,.#0IS=7)P<FES960.=&\.<V5E('1H870.:&ES


> M(&9R:65N9"=S('!E="!C86UE;"!I<R!S:71T:6YG('=A=&-H:6YG('1H92!V
> M:61I<')I;G1E<.T*879I9&QY+.T*(D)O;'1O;B`Q+"!-86YC:&5S=&5R($-I

Hee, hee! Those silly camels!

> M='D.,"PB('-A>7,.=&AE(&%N;F]U;F-E<BX-"B)3:&ET(2(.97AC;&%I;7,.
> M=&AE(&-A;65L+B`.(DQO<W0.86=A:6XA(.T*(E1H870G<R!A;6%Z:6YG+"!W
> M:&%T(&1O97,.:&4.9&\.=VAE;B!T:&5Y('=I;C\B(&%S:W,.=&AE(&UA;BX-
> M"B))(&1U;FYO+B`.22=V92!O;FQY(&AA9"!H:6T.=&AR964.<V5A<V]N<RXB
> $#0H-".<'
> `

Good setup on this one, but you kind of blew the punchline. It's a lot funnier if you say it like this:


Much better, eh?

> end

(Sam: Maybe you need to let your infinite number of monkeys type a bit longer before you start posting their stuff?)

From: Wouter van der Horst (wj.vdhorst.net.HCC.nl)
Subject: Re: 885-08 - Bad People
Newsgroups: rec.humor.oracle.d
Date: 1997/03/11

surfbaud.NO-SPAM.waverider.co.uk (Dave Hemming) wrote:
>Ok, I want to know who were the 2 people who gave this classic a 1. And I want to know NOW! If they don't own up, the whole class will be punished...
>Dave (whose 4.1 was quite spoiled by these people)

It was Mr. & Mrs. Gates, probably

From: Mark Rouleau (mrouleau.frontiernet.net)
Subject: Re: The nature of Kibology
Newsgroups: rec.humor.oracle.d
Date: 1997/03/19

jaffo.onramp.net wrote:
<lots of stuff clipped.>

Stop pissing on the electric fence.

From: Tom "Tom" Harrington (tph.rmii.com)
Subject: Re: "Beige. I think I'll paint the ceiling beige."
Newsgroups: rec.humor.oracle.d
Date: 1997/03/15

Kirsten Chevalier <kirsten.spike.wellesley.edu> wrote:
> After stealing this brilliant line for a recent mailing list post (I'm loathe to explain the context publicly; email me privately if you want an explanation), I re-read 873-09 and in the course of my search, discovered that the line appears in several other Oracularities. Is this a subtle cultural reference which I'm not getting, or were the phrases' later users simply borrowing from the earlier ones?

The only place I've ever seen this line is in the nearly-continuous thread on rec.humor about "Things not to say during sex". Dunno about it's origins.

From: Tom "Tom" Harrington (tph.rmii.com)
Subject: Re: Oracle Opportunities
Newsgroups: rec.humor.oracle.d
Date: 1997/03/18

Ariel Scolnicov <ariels.mangal.cs.huji.ac.il> wrote:
> Uhmmm, would anyone care to enlighten me what happens to "Year 2000 professionals" in the year 2000? Do they receive a small note saying "Thank you for your -97 years of service with this company. Unfortunately, there is no longer any call for your services, and we..."?

And then their car turns into a pumpkin and they go back to live with their evil stepmother and stepsisters. The smart ones will leave a shoe at the office on their way out.

From: Tom Harrington (tph.rainbow.rmii.com)
Subject: Re: Support for the serious user theory?
Newsgroups: rec.humor.oracle.d
Date: 1997/03/31

Hawke (slcyt.cc.usu.edu) wrote:
: > Oh! In that case I'm going to have to start using JCTWTMGDP ("Jesus Christ There's Way Too Many God Damn Passwords!"). Between my various computer accounts, ATM cards, phone cards, etc (or should that be etnc?), I often get this feeling.
: That would make a good password itself. (Of course, I'm not going to use it now.

Sure, nudge, nudge, you'd NEVER use it NOW, right? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, grin, grin, know what I mean, say no more. Now, to telnet to cc.usu.edu and give it a try...

: (Wow, I replied to Tom Harrington post. Does that mean I'm official? Now I just need one for Steve.)

Following up to me makes you an official *something*, but you might not want to know what. To give you an idea, following up to Richard Wilson makes you Zadoc.

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