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BoRHOD: monthly files.

RHOD is not kid-safe. Neither are these files.

Rhod: rec.humor.oracle.d, a usenet newsgroup that used to be populated by very funny and yet very gentle people. These are the best and/or funniest posts - a subjective selection, of course. It was the best of times ... rhodents would compete for who got the most entries into BoRHOD in any given month.
The decline and fall of rhod coincided with a lot of people finding creative outlets elsewhere, all of a sudden. Me, I started a blog ... and got a life, whatever that means.
These files still make me laugh. Enjoy!

Copyright for any entry here lies with the contributor(s).

Many thanks to Donald Welsh for doing the 2001 02 B and 2001 03 pages.
Many thanks to Malc and Donald for spidering olde Google archives for me.

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