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This site is now available in an off-line version.

The new version is available here.

That means there's no excuse to circumvent my spider blocks. See, I'm developing an allergy to rude bots and spiders, seeing that I had to move the site because of them.

So shoo, rude bots and spiders.



Enquiring about your CD. Does it include all U.S., King's and Eclectic data as on your website? How do you handle Canadian sales? Thanks for your response.

The CD includes the whole site as static .html files (that is, from top to toe - also including those .php files which are blocked in my robots.txt). All internal links should work; if they don't, I've made a mistake somewhere and would love to hear about that.

Sorry, I have no use for Canadian dollars. I do love botanical T-shirts, though ...

Hello Henrietta

Hmmm, are you able to handle Australian dollars or do your banks follow their tendency to squeeze every drop of blood from the rock? Or would you be ok with Tasmanian botanical t-shirt(s), if i can find them from Tasmania and not China or India that is. The Wilderness Society and the Greens Party have some interesting ones.

Incidently, are you familiar with the Omega 3 levels of purslane - i seem to recall that they were massively higher that "oily fish" which does not appeal but i have been unable to recall where i saw that information.

Tasmanian botanical T-shirts would be lovely.
I've heard about purslane but don't know how good that oil is - I quite like fish. Oily fish is salmon, herring and the like. Yum.

G'day. Out of sheer curiosity, I'm wondering why you've chosen not to make use of paypal? Seeing as how you have such a diverse international interest base, it seems to me as thought it might save some hassle on the end of both sides by saving time at the bank (coverting money, if that luxury is available), time in the post, risk in the post, etc. Anyway, no matter to me -- just trying to think more globally.


I don't like to give anybody the possibility to freeze any of my assets. Paypal does that at the drop of a hat - and they're not accountable to anybody at all, cos they're not a bank.

How about giving your credits and income from this site.. to the Originator....


Dear anonymous coward,

do show me even one (1) page on my site with text taken from the site.

Can't do it?

Then apologize.


Also know that, and my site have all been around since the mid 1990s ... if we did indeed steal from one another you'd think one or the other of us would have done something about it by now. As is, I respect Ed Greenwood and Michael Moore, and I expect that they respect me.

I would be interested by your CD. Is it up to date till now? Do you ship to France? Can you correspond by mail? I'd prefer to mail you the delivery adress rather than posting it.

It's up to date to May 2006; I'll make a new version of the CD once I've added a couple hundred more photos, in another month or three. (It takes a couple hours to run wget on localhost, and after that it takes another few hours to fiddle things (the blog, among others) so that all the internal links work.)
Yes, I ship to France.
Yes, I can reply by mail - if your email address is valid.


I live in the U.S.A.

Q: does the $10 I send you for the CD get me the CD sent to my address postpaid ?? i.e.: does the $10 cover the cost of shipment to the U.S.A. buyers ????

thanks, dan in usa

The USD 10 includes postage.

Hi Henrietta, Stumbled across your site whilst looking for info on arrowroot. I'v only had a brief glance at it but it looks extremely intersting. I am amazed all the information has been tabulated, and so well. I will be browsing your site in depth.
Many thanks for you efforts