Site DVD, Jan 2016.

For 12 $US (9.50 UK£), you can buy the latest version of the site DVD. It fits all of (except for the /botany/ files) (per Jan, 2016) as .html files onto one DVD, and it's 4.4 GB, 112,340 files (of which 55,302 .html pages, including 17,997 plants pages and 16,184 photo pages (leaving 21,121 other pages), and 5,942 directories (including 3,374 /plants/ directories and 1,565 /photos/ directories (leaving 1,003 other directories).

(January 2015 was 3.4 GB, 95877 files (of which 51365 .html pages, including 17991 plants pages), and 4393 directories (including 3188 /plants/ directories).)
(January 2013 was 2.3 GB, 80102 files, 49516 html pages (incl. 17801 plants pages), and 3684 directories (incl. 3177 /plants/ directories)).

(It is a data DVD. That means it's just like a CD, except that it can take about 6 times as much data as a CD.
It should work in any computer with a DVD drive: it's just files: .html, .jpg, .gif, .txt, .pdf and similar.
It's not a movie, nor does it contain things like .exe files (I'm on linux, and don't see much use in .exe files myself.))

(On localhost, that is, my home computer, it takes about 8 hours to "wget" the lot. If you were to try to grab everything off the online site, you'd be at it for weeks ... so don't. This one is very inexpensive.)

If you find $12 too expensive, you can download just the .html files (no .jpgs, .gifs, .zips, .mp3s or .pdfs) here: All .html files from Henriette's herbal as a 52.3 MB .tar.gz file.


As very few people even have DVD drives anymore, I've discontinued the site DVD.