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1995-2003"Henriette's herbal" has been online since 1995. I moved the site to in 2004. First I moved the blog only. In late 2005, I moved the full site.
20041,2001,8955,00512,19489.83 MB
200544,64962,744234,600690,2554.63 GB
20061,211,5981,551,2693,410,98712,730,55368.67 GB
20071,634,5752,121,8584,629,13915,741,87887.61 GB
20081,992,1972,519,2547,656,29617,114,048121.22 GB
20092,127,3082,620,3926,954,39814,791,377146.37 GB
20102,568,8823,132,0197,957,64315,061,808175.20 GB
20112,038,0222,492,9025,759,37812,014,185149,15 GB
20122,034,4852,624,9477,139,60513,795,513203.99 GB
20132,240,1062,872,6257,793,36813,445,162261.69 GB
In October 2013, I moved the site from (which was growing exceedingly unreliable) to
20141,144,4431,485,2933,063,6678,623,435325.84 GB
2015832,7591,058,7082,127,1416,892,120249.88 GB

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