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Lamb's quarter.

Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 16:58:58 -0800
From: Anita F Hales <JSAFH.ACA.ALASKA.EDU>
Subject: Lamb's quarter

I used some horse manure on my flower garden and ended up with a surprise. Lambs quarter (Chenopodium album) suddenly appeared. Since this is not native to this area I have never used it. I tried eating leaves in a salad (boring). So what does one do with lamb's quarter? Any ideas?

From: "Mary W. Hill" <mhill.COMP.UARK.EDU>

> So what does one do with lamb's quarter?

I never like lamb's quarters in salad because of the residual grainy feeling on the leaves, but cheer up--it only grows in very fertile ground.


>> does one do with lamb's quarter?

I like it steamed with butter. Kinda the way you would eat spinach. If you wash it really thoroughly before cooking, it will remove a lot of the grainy texture.

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