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Using frankincense.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Frankincense
From: neato.nyc.pipeline.com (Thomas K. Neale)
Date: 21 Aug 1995 19:59:32 -0400

>I have oure frankincense resin and I want to know how to burn it. I understand that breathing the smoke will help depression.

if you happen to have a piece of inscense charcoal, light that and place a few rocks on it....if you dont, try putting a few rocks in some foil and putting that over a votive candle...not in the flame but close enough so that the resin melts...you'll see smoke..try cutting frank...with a little amber resin or sandalwood powder....cheer up

From: Marylin.Kraker.bbs.c4systm.com (Marylin Kraker)

> I have oure frankincense resin and I want to know how to burn it.

You need to get charcoal going, then sprinkle the frankincense on it. You can buy little disks of charcoal at new age-type stores. In the winter, I use a hot coal from the fireplace in a cast iron dish that was, I think, supposed to be an ashtray. Again, sprinkle the frankincense on top. You want to heat it to make smoke, not flame it into nothing.

I don't know about medicinal effects, although frankincense is the heavy scent I remember from growing up Catholic. Used in religious services since ancient times, it's supposed to help elevate the mind and spirit.

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