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Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
From: callie.writepage.com (Callie)
Date: 16 Nov 1995 01:21:34 GMT
Subject: Re: Scabies

> There seems to be an infestation of Scabies making the rounds at our local Elementary School.Thankfully neither one of my children have gotten them yet.
> I've heard that Tea Tree Oil is an effective treatment for them but I've never heard how to apply it.Do you dilute it at all?How many times should you apply it?

I don't know about the oil, but here's the background:

  1. It's a parasite that infests only humans (other animals have their own varieties)
  2. USUALLY it take close physical contact - sharing a bed is one way.
    Because lesions betwen the fingers are common, transmission by handclasping is also possible. Children can infect each during games that require prolonged hand holding.
  3. The main line of defense is FREQUENT HANDWASHING!!!!

Sulpher ointment is one non-pesticidal remedy, and a strong tincture of benzoin (the resin of Toluifera baslamum, somethines sold as Tolu') also works.
I've heard that the cold-sore remedy Campho-Phenique works - it is logical because the aromatic resins are very similar to benzoin.

From: brumstik.interaccess.com (broomstick)

>2. USUALLY it take close physical contact - sharing a bed is one way.

Also sharing a chair, clothing, etc. They do survive on surfaces for some time. But close physical contact is the most typical

>3. The main line of defense is FREQUENT HANDWASHING!!!!

HOWEVER - if you wash skin to the point of drying it out it will offer a better foothold to the little monsters and will make you MORE susceptible to an infestation. Oily skin is much less likely to offer them a place to stay.

Also, the susceptibility varies widely between individuals. When I was working at an inner-city clinic I kept coming home with them. My husband - with whom I am obviously in close contact with - never ever got them, though. Apparently, they like me better.

>Sulpher ointment is one non-pesticidal remedy,

This works for me! I also use it on my dry skin and haven't had a relapse since. Smells nasty but you feel sooooooooo much better!

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